A Hundred Feet Under

Mask? Check.
Fins? Check.
Scuba gear? Check.
Clothes? Meh.

To be fair, I opted to wear a pair of shorts and gloves, but a hundred feet under the sea there’s no one telling you to put on clothes. There’s no one telling you to do anything. It’s a really great escape from civilization to a realm few will ever traverse. And that is truly a shame.

Seventy percent of our planet is covered in water and we’ve only explored five precent of it. FIVE. Can you believe that? Imagine all the exotic life that has yet to be discovered. Is there a cure for cancer floating around somewhere in the depths? Possibly. Is there a Loch Ness Monster swimming around? Maybe. Is that indiscernible shadow actually a Megalodon? I hope not because I’ll forget all my training and haul ass to the surface.

On this particular dive several of my buddies and I explored a shipwreck. The ship was old, and much of it was broken into pieces or covered with coral. We hunted around for treasure (naturally) but the only thing we came up with were Coca Cola bottles. Not the modern ones either. These were World War 2 Era bottles, with thick walls and a real classy look. You could probably dent steel with them if you hit hard enough.

We took as many as we could carry with us, but there were still dozens lying around. As I ascended to the surface, watching the wreck grow smaller and darker, I couldn’t help wonder – is this our legacy as humans? We leave a wake of destruction behind and forget about it, but it never really goes away. Like the bottles, they sit there, a small memento of the men and women who have come and gone.

And they’ll still be there long after we have gone from this world.

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  1. I absolutely loved this, and I’d love to read more about your dives and/or your experience and thoughts that you have. Don’t really know if you have a specific theme for your blog, but I’d truly love to read more of this!

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