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Day Nine

Today was supposed to be a rest day for me but I ended up working out anyway. Whenever I don’t workout for a day I grow restless. I’ve even been told that I am grumpy when I haven’t hit the gym. Fitness has been a big part of my life since the age of nine, when I started swimming competitively. Even when I’m on vacation I end up jump-roping, or doing pushups or sit-ups. This carried into adulthood where if I don’t do some sort of exercise, I end up pacing in circles like a caged animal. I guess I’m addicted to that workout high.

Studies have shown that taking a rest day is good for your mind and body, however. Anyone first starting off should take a rest day every three days. For people who exercise more regularly and are more fit, the recommendation is one rest day a week. Continuous training can lead to injuries, and may even be counterproductive. It is not a good idea to hit the same muscle group if that muscle group is already sore. For example, if my thighs are sore from leg day, I shouldn’t work out my legs the next day. This is why I cycle through Chest/Tris, Legs, Back/Bis.

I’ve got that covered, so what I really need to work on is fighting the urges to workout on a rest day. Instead of taking a rest day once a week, I will take one every eight days. But rather than being a vegetable that day, I will still stretch, go for walks, and do core exercises. That way I can let my muscles heal up, and also trick my brain into thinking I am being active.

Today’s Workout:

Dynamic Stretching

1 X 10 @135 LBS Deadlift
1 X 10 @180 LBS Deadlift
1 X 8   @230 LBS Deadlift
3 X 4   @260 LBS Deadlift

1 X 10 @50 LBS Hack Squat
1 X 10 @140 LBS Hack Squat
5 X 8   @230 LBS Hack Squat

1 X 15 @190 LBS Leg Press
1 X 12 @280 LBS Leg Press
1 X 10 @370 LBS Leg Press
1 X 8   @470 LBS Leg Press
5 X 6   @570 LBS Leg Press

3 X 50 Flutter Kicks
3 X 15 Tuck Ups

1 Mile Run in 7:16


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