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Day Seven

5 Ways to Improve my Deadlift

1. Incorporate Farmer’s Walks into my workouts. A Farmer’s Walk is just picking up a dumbbell in each hand and walking with it. The concept is simple and it serves to improve grip strength, which is important to deadlifting. One thing I have noticed when I reach my upper limit when deadlifting is that my hands start to slip to the point where I’m more focused on hanging onto the bar than my form.

2. Deadlift more. This one is obvious enough. Since this is one of my weaknesses I should be working on it more. I’m thinking about doing a light deadlift set after leg day.

3. Deadlift Reps. Performing eight to twelve deadlifts at the end of my deadlift workout with a lighter weight. For this to work I need to drop the bar when I am standing up fully, and reseting. My muscles will be worn out from my previous workout and in this way get my body used to heavier weights.

4. Train accessory movements. Exercises that work out my accessories are pull-ups, barbell bent-over rows, sumo deadlifts, calve raises, and squats. Doing these exercises will tweak out any weak areas.

5. Stretch more. Especially my lower body. Being flexible causes tight hips, hamstrings, and glutes, which makes deadlifting that much harder.

Today’s Workout:

Dynamic Stretching
3 X 10 Squats
3 X 10 Lunges

10     @135 LBS Deadlift
1       @185 LBS Deadlift
1       @225 LBS Deadlift
1       @275 LBS Deadlift
1       @295 LBS Deadlift
***1       @315 LBS Deadlift***
1       @325 LBS Deadlift FAIL
3 X 2 @275 LBS Deadlift
3 X 6 @225 LBS Deadlift

2 X 20 @45 LBS Bent Over Rows
2 X 12  @95 LBS Bent Over Rows
2 X 8    @135 LBS Bent Over Rows

3 X 10 Pullups
5 Minute Core Workout

On the plus side I added 40 pounds to my total deadlift today. From 275 to 315. And though it is still far off from where I need it to be, it is an improvement and any improvement is good. This brings my total weight to 885 pounds (335 Squat, 315 Deadlift, 235 Benchpress). My journey to the thousand pound club is far from over and I sense there will be setbacks and difficulties ahead, but I am also determined that I can achieve my goals.

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  1. I like how in addition to putting in your workouts you also include ways to improve and insights into your workout.

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