FitnessThousand Pound Club

Day Six

Today’s Workout:

Dynamic Stretching
3 X 10 Squats
3 X 10 Lunges

10      @135 LBS Squat
8        @185 LBS Squat
6        @225 LBS Squat
3        @275 LBS Squat
2        @295 LBS Squat
3 X 1 @315 LBS Squat
3        @275 LBS Squat
6        @245 LBS Squat
10      @135 LBS Squat

2 X 20 @105 LBS Seated Calf Raise
2 X 16 @150 LBS Seated Calf Raise

2 @115 LBS Leg Extension
2 @155 LBS Leg Extension
2 @175 LBS Leg Extension

3 X 10 Hanging Knee Raises
3 X 10 Hanging Leg Raises

Not everyone’s going to believe in you. Along your journeys there will always be those who try to put you down or discourage you. I’ve had people tell me that I’ll never get to the thousand pound club because I’m too skinny, or that I just won’t. No other reason. When I hear people tell me I can’t, I take that negativity and I turn it into motivation.

There’s no such thing as not good enough. If you’re not good enough, that means you can get better. There is always something that can be done to improve your standing. I didn’t know much about lifting when I first started. And though I’m certainly no expert now, I have collected a vast understanding of getting fit. The reason for this is because I actively searched for answers. I read fitness articles, asked my friends for advice, tried and failed on my own over and over until I found out what worked for me.

In the end it’s all about trying. When that doesn’t work try something else. If there’s a problem, there’s always a solution. And when those haters come around and tell you that you don’t have the ability to do something, prove them wrong. They’re not clairvoyant.

I can’t do it? Watch me.

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