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Day Ten/Eleven

Today I tried to hit my one rep max for bench, but I ended up staying the same (235 pounds). I’m not terribly disappointed that I couldn’t hit 245 pounds today. My chest and triceps were still sore from my last chest/tri workout that I did a couple days back, even with the rest day I took yesterday.

A few things I noticed when I tried to do 245 was that I could get it almost half way up before my arms gave out. My friend suggested doing pause sets, which is basically holding the weight at my chest for a second before pushing up.

Another thing I need to work on if I want to get my bench press up is my arm strength. It would also behoove me to do some more tricep and forearm workouts so that my arms aren’t shaking from the weights. For now I am going to continue doing what I have been doing and try to max out again next month.


Day Eleven – Today’s Workout:

Dynamic Stretching

1 X 5 @135 LBS Bench Press
1 X 3 @185 LBS Bench Press
1 X 1 @225 LBS Bench Press
1 X 1 @235 LBS Bench Press
1 X 1 @245 LBS Bench Press FAIL
5 x 3 @205 LBS Bench Press
5 X 7 @135 LBS Pause Reps

1 X 7 @55 LBS Incline Dumbbell Press
1 X 7 @60 LBS Incline Dumbbell Press
3 X 5 @70 LBS Incline Dumbbell Press

3 X 10 @35 LBS Incline Dumbbell Flyes

10 X 20 Pushups

15 Minute Core Workout/Static Stretching


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