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Day Twelve

While I did have a decent run this morning, today was not a good day for lifting. My back and hamstrings were so tight I couldn’t get the full range of motion for my squat. I ended up stopping halfway into my squat workout to limber up a little to little success.

Although the lift itself wasn’t great volume-wise, I managed to get my best three rep (295 pounds) for three sets. This is something I hadn’t attempted before. This is a slow progression as I was hoping to hit 315 pounds for three at this point. This is just an incentive to eat healthier, sleep better, and work harder.

Today’s Workout:


2 mile run @ 7:00/Mile = 14:00


Dynamic Stretching

3 X 10 @45 LBS Kettlebell Swing

1 X 10 @135 LBS Squat
1 X 8   @185 LBS Squat
1 X 6   @225 LBS Squat
1 X 4   @275 LBS Squat
1 X 2   @315 LBS Squat
3 X 3   @295 LBS Squat

10 Minute Core Workout

Static Stretching

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