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Day Five

Two years ago I was pretty weak in terms of weightlifting. I weighed 145 pounds and looked like a mild gust could blow me into the next year. Two years ago I struggled to benchpress and squat even 135 pounds. And my deadlift? I was lucky if I could get the bar off the ground.

Although my weightlifting was terrible, my cardio was at the best it had ever been. I could run three miles in under eighteen minutes. I could swim for hours without feeling fatigued. On top of that I could do intense body-weight exercises (pushups, pull-ups, burpees) without breaking a sweat.

But as I started to pack on more muscle and lift heavier weights, my cardio declined. Nowadays I can barely run a mile under seven minutes, whereas before I could hold a six minute mile for five miles. And if I swim more than six or seven laps in the pool my shoulders start to burn and my heart pounds like a drum. Sure I’m happy that I am stronger now, but it also bothers me that I am not able to do the things I once could.

My goal right now is to hit the thousand pound club. But I don’t want to give up on my cardiovascular fitness. This occurred to me today when I climbed a flight of stairs and discovered I was actually winded. Tragic, I know. And as I pack on more muscle it’ll only get worse.

I love being in shape. I love swimming and running. Running used to be my outlet for stress release (now super-ceded by lifting). In addition to my weightlifting goals I will also try to get in better cardio shape. In turn that will help me reach my goals.

Today’s Workout:

10     @95 LBS Benchpress
10     @135 LBS Benchpress
6       @185 LBS Benchpress
3 X 3 @ 205 LBS Benchpress

6 X 10 Dips
6 X 10 Pushups

10     @35 LBS Incline Dumbbell Press
10     @40 LBS Incline Dumbbell Press
10     @45 LBS Incline Dumbbell Press
5 X 3 @60 LBS Incline Dumbbell Press


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