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Day Four

“There are no free rides on the road to victory.”

Those pills don’t work. I’m talking about the ones that claim to help you “burn 50 pounds in 5 weeks!” or “gain 50 pounds in 5 weeks!” That’s some magical fairy tale business, and since we don’t live in Wonderland it has no business in your diet.

Multivitamins are alright, but from what I understand you end up urinating most of it out anyway. I bought a pack of multivitamins a couple years ago just to see if that would bolster my athletic performance. In the end I didn’t notice much of a change – except that my urine had turned bright yellow!

There is nothing you can’t get from a well-balanced diet. In addition to meals I also snack heavily and drink protein shakes – but that’s only because I have a high metabolism. For those that think high metabolism is great, there are positives and negatives to it. If I don’t eat something every two hours or so I feel weak and fatigued (and very hangry), to the point where I’m dragging my feet walking around. To solve this problem I keep a power bar in my pocket.

“You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.” – Snickers

Today’s Workout:

10      @ 45 LBS Overhead Press
10      @ 65 LBS Overhead Press
8        @ 95 LBS Overhead Press
3 X 4  @ 115 LBS Overhead Press

3 X 6 @ 95 LBS Military Press
3 X 10 Lateral Arm Raises with 10 LBS

2 X 12 @95 LBS Bent Over Rows
2 X 8    @135 LBS Bent Over Rows
3 X 4    @155 LBS Bent Over Rows
6 X 8 Pull-ups

15-Minute Ab Workout


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