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Day One

Here it is. Day one, lift one. As expected the first day was pretty rough. I started on a back/biceps day which meant my first lift was the deadlift – which also happens to be my weakest lift. Maybe it’s a psychological thing, because I have suffered several back injuries from lifting too heavy a weight with improper form, and my subconscious is afraid to get injured again. On average it took over two months to fully heal up each time, and that’s valuable time I can’t afford to waste.

With that in mind, I decided to take it easier and develop a stronger form before going any heavier: straight back, hips out, chest up, and looking straight ahead.

Today’s Workout:
3 X 10 @135 LB Deadlift
3 X 8   @185 LB Deadlift
3 X 5   @235 LB Deadlift

3 X 10 Pull-ups

3 X 10 @95 LB Bent Over Row
3 X 8   @135 LB Bent Over Row
3 X 6   @155 LB Bent Over Row

A nice and easy day, right? Except I’m rather out of shape, so by the end of the second set of deadlifts, I was already light-headed (or was that because I wasn’t properly hydrated?)

Tomorrow is chest/triceps, which I’m hoping will go a little better.


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