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First Entry

When you’re 160 pounds, getting into the thousand pound club is no easy task. For those who don’t know what the thousand pound club is, it consists of taking your deadlift, squat, and benchpress and adding it up.

Obviously I’m not an expert weightlifter otherwise I wouldn’t be making this post about my journey to the thousand pound club. This is a challenge a friend put out for me a couple months back. As it stands my current scores are:

Deadlift:         275
Squat:             335
Benchpress:  235

For a total of 845 pounds. And yeah, my deadlift is absolute rubbish. I was feeling pretty good about my scores at first. I mean, they’re not bad for how much I weigh. Then I saw a video of these Crossfit women overhead pressing 225+ pounds – that really put things into prospective.

Naturally this inspired me to get stronger. That means more lifting and better diets. With that being said, this is my journey to a thousand pounds.

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